ArtMates ?

 As artists, we continuously aspire to enhance our work and sensibility. We do this by talking and connecting.

Despite the quality of contents that we share on common social media, our work is polluted by irrelevant contents, lost in the mass.

Intermediaries can be really supportive and helpful, but can have a negative impact on efficiency causing losses in time, money and understanding.

Let’s be direct.

“Find, Connect, Create”

Whatever it is ? A passion ? A job ? Or even both ! Every art contributor is welcome to join the community and meet people. Find collaborators, partners, freelancers, clients, tutors… all profiles are possible.

New projects are on the horizon !

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete your profile
  3. You are ready to collaborate.

Find your mates, Create and Share !

Show us what your skills are, your networks, ineterests, localization…

Share all your information at once for agents, clients, partners…

Initiate projects and find people you need with ads section

Help people and develop your skills with the tutorials sections, or in the forum.

Find Luts, templates, tips… everything we need to achieve what we want !

Create, document and update your projects. Assign tasks to team members, upload documents and keep the track !

Once everything is finished, post an article to tell more about your work, and share it on ArtMates network and social media !

Credit your team mates, sponsors, partners… sky is the limit.

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