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    What are the recommendations for a illustrator’s computer ?
    Running programs like Adobe Illustrator and so on.


    Recommended Systems for Illustrator:
    Cpu: since we’re dealing with raster and 2d vector essentially, I would recommend a 4 to 8 core cpu, with high clock especially if you plan to use multiple effect like blur. (the latest ryzen from amd are perfect) since illustrator multithread can use up to 6/8 cores.
    Memory: try to go with 3 to 6gb per core, ie if you go with 8 cores, 24gb is good, i would recommend at least 32, if you are working on high definition and heavy project. Memory speed on an Ryzen platform important, dont go under PC2400.
    Storage: SSD are good and cheap, Nvme are even better if you can afford it.
    Gpu: You won’t need a monster card to run illustrator smoothly and won’t benefit from the apex card on the market so save your money and go for a 2060 or sub card, 1660 or so.
    Display: if you can afford it, a 10 bit panel display.


    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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