October 2018. I spent a week in Japan, visiting places like Tokyo, Kyoto, and so on. 

I always take pictures during my trips. Waiting in the queue at the train station, on the way back to Tokyo, I shared a few pictures on social media.

A few minutes later a friend contacted me, showing his interest in my presence in Japan. “Could you please take some extra shots in Tokyo for me?” He asked.

Could you please take some extra shots in Tokyo for me ?

Actually, he needed images of the city for an ongoing project to submit in a short films festival. The purpose was to highlight Tokyo, the host of the next Olympic and Paralympic games in 2020. The main part of the story was filmed in China, and he just needed some shots to show where the action takes place.

My timely presence in Japan was a great opportunity for us to work together. We were fortunate that all elements were there to push the project forward.

At that moment, an idea crossed my mind. What if we create a network for creatives worldwide ? We all have skills, whether it be duly acquired or still learning. What about sharing those skills and increase our chances to build on them? Many social networks already exist, such as Instagram, and can already be used as a public portfolio.

How many times I heard and read things like :

Looking for a director of photography for our project

A director

Who knows an illustrator …?

An author

Need a bassist for our band !

A singer

Or also :

It’s quiet recently, looking for new people and projects !

A freelancer

Let’s create a community to get all people and skills connected and build projects !

Welcome to ArtMates !
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